What does my company do next?


BEE BIZ would like to tell you that this is not a complicated process. All you need to do is follow our step by step process below:


1. Request a verification quotation by contacting BEE BIZ on 041 581 3031 or our National Call Centre on 0860 BEE BIZ (233 249);


2. The specialist will send a Company Fact Finder for your completion;


4. For QSE or Generic businesses a quotation is sent via email together with a Verification Services Agreement for your consideration, acceptance and signature upon receipt of the Company Fact Finder;


5. Upon receipt of a signed quotation and agreement an audit team will be assigned to you and a BEE BIZ Supporting Document Manual emailed directly to you;


6.You are responsible for completing your BEE BIZ Supporting Document Manual;


7. Upon receipt of your BEE BIZ Supporting Document Manual the assigned audit team will complete a due-diligence and agree with you a date and time for on-site verification;


8. BEE BIZ will present a draft scorecard to you at the scheduled Opening Meeting;


9. All evidence is verified on-site in accordance with BEE BIZ Policy and Procedures;


10. BEE BIZ Technical Signatory certifies the outcome of the on-site and issues a BEE BIZ Certificate and Report for collection.


11. Hard copy is posted in compliance with SANAS rules and regulations


12. Your company is able to appeal against a given BEE verification, rating and certificate by following the Complaints, Appeals and Disputes Procedures


13. Download the CAD Procedure here


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