BEE BIZ Services


Information Workshops & Training


● Information and training workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced executives, managers and champions of BEE

● Codes of Good Practice

● Raise the Level of BEE knowledge and awareness

● Gain clearer interpretation and application of all BEE elements


Readiness in Codes of Good Practice


● Evaluations of all  BEE Elements

● Review of BEE Element supporting documentation

● Readiness Workshops & Focus Groups for all BEE Elements

● Opportunities for Improvement


Verification & Certification


● On-site verification of all BEE Elements

● Presentation of Draft Scorecards at the opening meeting of on-site verification

● SANAS Approved Technical Certificate Signatories

● BEE verification report and findings


Special Evaluations


● On-site verification and certification in response to tender submission deadlines

● BEE BIZ will follow company policy and procedures for Special Evaluations and will not deviate in any instance


Procurement Database Audits


● Evaluation of BEE certificates

● BEE database management

● BEE Procurement Reporting


Quality Management System (QMS) Audits


● Internal QMS Audits, Findings & Reports

● External QMS Audits, Findings & Reports


Validating Tenders


● Tender Capacity, Competency & BEE credentials Evaluations

●Tender Audits including Terms of Reference, Policy & Procedure Evaluations


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